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Illinois 39 - Neighbors Show Strong Support for Jeremy Karpen

by Lorin M Klugman

Jeremy Karpen, Lorin Klugman,
Campaign Volunteer Scott

Jeremy Karpen is running for representative Illinois General Assembly District 39. Jeremy is a strong advocate for Single Payer Guaranteed Health Care, taxation reform, mass transit reform, TIF reform, clean energy , housing and wages. Jeremy’s website lists a comprehensive list of progressive solutions.

Talking Neighbor to Neighbor — Grassroot Organizing at it’s Best

On Sunday evening I knocked on the door of Ann, a registered voter in district 39. I asked Ann what issues were important to her. She answered “Health Care”. I mentioned that Jeremy was the only candidate in the race who supported Single Payer health care. At that point Ann smiled and replied that she too was a Single Payer supporter. Ann didn’t realize that we have an Illinois Single Payer Bill - HB311. I explained to Ann how Jeremy not only will co-sponsor Single Payer HB311,  but he will be a strong advocate in the general assembly. Even though it was a cold automn evening,  Ann and I stood in her doorway as she became more and more excited hearing about  Jeremy’s campaign.

That’s what’s it like canvassing for Jeremy.  And that’s why volunteering for a progressive candidate is so important. Ann didn’t know she could vote for a Single Payer candidate right in her Illinois General Assembly District. But by knocking on Ann’s door, we were able to share that conversation, neighbor to neighbor.

Even the Smallest Dog Can Lift It’s Leg on the Tallest Building" — Jim Hightower

As I work with many groups who advocated for progressive policy like Single Payer Health Care, the question continues to arise : “How can we start broadining the converstation so that we aren’t talking to the same folks over and over again?”. Well the answer is quite obvious, get out and volunteer for a candidate who is actual advocate for Single Payer (same for any other issue).

Democracy only works when we claim it as our own — Bill Moyers

I’ve gone canvassing for Jeremy’s campaign several times. Jeremy’s campaign is just a joy to work with on many levels. First, the campaign is highly organized. Folks who volunteer  are given personal training along with a complete set of tools. The campaign provides volunteers with shirts, buttons, campaign bags  so that folks can identify official campaign volunteers. That identification really helps get folks to open their doors. The campaign has great printed materials to hand out and a well designed, easy to use survey (for canvassers). Since Jeremy has such a comprehensive set of positions on so many important issues, the conversatations with neighbors come easy. Folks in Jeremy’s district are eager to vote for Jeremy, they recogninze a strong progressive and a true representative.

"You don’t need a weatherman To know which way the wind blows" — Bob Dylan

Campaign BillBoard for Jeremy Karpen

On Sunday evening I walked back to the Chicago Transit System (CTA) California train stop. I was wearing the green shirt in the photo above. As I stepped on to the platform two young guys came up to me and asked “Hey we were just looking at Jeremy’s sign”. I looked down the platform and there were 2 big campaign signs for Jeremy. I asked the men if they would consider voting for Jeremy. They said yes.

I highly recommend everyone reading this to go out and volunteer for Jeremy’s campaign. The neighbors in Jeremy’s district are showing strong support for the campaign.

Chicago PDA is supporting Jeremy’s campaign. We’ve posted the volunteer schedule here. We encourage you to contact Jeremy’s campaign directly to volunteer.  Website:  Campaign Office 3044 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647  Telephone 773.772.2010

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